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Outsport at the Young leader international Meeting in Ciampino, Rome

Young leader international Meeting is an Erasmus Plus project involving 60 participants from 12 European countries aiming at supporting youth participation in representative democracies and civil societies. It also encourages the engagement of young people and youth organizations in the process of elaboration, realization, and evaluation of policies through a structured dialogue. SOS Europa, a […]

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Outsport: sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in sport

The Outsport project – “Innovative and educational approaches to prevent violence and tackle discrimination in sport based on sexual orientation and gender identity” – is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program. The project seeks to address homophobia and transphobia in sport through communication, awareness raising, training and scientific research, and by […]

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What’s in your sports bag?

Here it’s the Outsport’s videoclip to send out a clear and simple message. Diversity is an important resource in sport like in any other settinf of our lives. Unfortunately, prejudices, fears, jocks, insults, harassmentsm violences become too often a concrete obstacle to sport practice and visibility for so many Lgbti people. To portray this reality […]

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