Rising Together: Open your Sport to all genders and sexualities!

Scenario  The EU Project SGS – Sport for all Genders and Sexualities has launched the Raising Together Campaign for the EU week of Sport  2023. In the modern and highly developed 21st century it’s still necessary to talk about Sport for all Genders. European sports continue to be heavily influenced by traditional concepts of gender […]

The E+ MESIS project: Implementing the Outsport approach on Education Through Sport

The Training of Trainers   The E+ MESIS project (Missing Pieces For Educators And Local Stakeholders Addressing Inclusive Sport) has finally reached its first important milestone.  During the Training of Trainers (July 13-16, 2023), 10 participants from five partner organisations came together in Sofia, each of them with specific experience in sport, education and LGBTI issues.  […]

Sport for all Genders and Sexualities!

Tackling Sexism, Trans- and Homophobia in European Grassroots Sport (SGS) Download the first project outcome, the Good Practice Report.  Project goal The project aims to establish an inclusive and open sports culture that is open to all genders and sexualities. European sport is still dominated by rather antiquated notions of masculinity and pejorative notions of […]

LGBTIQ in sport: which lessons from QATAR 2022

Outsport Webinar 2023, April 15 – #WebOutsport2023 Promoted by: AICS (Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport), Outsport Network  Date: April 15th, 2023 16:00 – 17:30 (CEST) Venue: Outsport social media and You Tube Accessibility: Public  Participation: Moderated chat platform for Q&A Language: English The Outsport Network and AICS LGBTI are pleased to announce the third edition of the Outsport Webinar.  […]

Combating hate speech in Sport

“Combating Hate Speech in Sport”, a new joint project co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe aims to explore innovative approaches to tackle racism, homo-bi-transphobia, sexism and other manifestations of hate speech. Although both the European Union and the Council of Europe have developed regulatory […]

The rise of visibility – Report of the Outsport Webinar 2022

On January 28, 2022, the Outsport Network and AICS LGBTI held the second edition of Outsport Webinar “The Rise of Visibility – Upcoming Challenges for LGBTIQ Policies in Sport” – #WebOutsport2022. Institutions, NGOs, sports clubs representatives, and experts met to discuss the highlights of 2021 regarding LGBTIQ people and sport.  We titled the webinar “The […]

SYI inclusive practices from Italy

  Sport.Youth.Inclusion – SYI is a European Erasmus+ project aiming to improve the inclusion of discriminated young people in schools, grassroots sport teams and youth communities. With the help of PE teachers, coaches and youth workers, SYI selected 24 good practices coming from Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy that use the ETS (Education Through Sport) […]

Time for the Outsport Network. Outcomes of the Sport and Equality in Europe Webinar.

#WebOutsport2020 The Webinar “Sport and Equality in Europe” #WebOutsport2020 took place last November 27 on the official Outsport Facebook page, YouTube channel and website. On this occasion we launched the Outsport Network, a place for sharing best practices and encouraging new partnerships across Europe in the field of Sport, SOGI issues, education and inclusion. We want to […]

Eu Commissioner Dalli congratulates for the Outsport project

The EU Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli congratulates with the Outsport project in a letter to the Coordinator Rosario Coco. Sports is a field in which homophobia and transphobia are unfortunately still very widespread and projects like yours continue to be necessary to ensure LGBTI people can participate and attend all sports without being discriminated […]

Outsport Final Conference : Project results, final considerations, recommendations, follow-up and perspectives

The 8th of November 2019, the Outsport Final Conference took place in Budapest. Presented the reserch on LGBTI people and sport and the training toolkit

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