Former Wales Rugby captain and legend Gareth Thomas reveals he is HIV positive

Sportsman was put ‘through hell’ by blackmailers who threatened to expose secret. Thomas received support by Prince William and Prince Harry

#BoysDanceToo #TheDancingPrince – Wonderful responce of 300 dancers to offensive comments on Prince George

Lara Spencer, Good Morning Amerca’s anchor, Apologizes for her comments on Prince George taking ballet classes, and There’s Ballet Dancing in the Streets
One way to demonstrate the power of dance? A ballet class. “We are such a loving, accepting community,” Robbie Fairchild said.

Turkey bans Istanbul’s ‘Queer Olympix’

The Kadiköy district governorate in an official statement said banned the event for the first time as a precaution “against the provocations that may occur due to social sensitivities.”

Blog: Transgender Athletes in Powerlifting

LEAP Sports Volunteer, Christian Gamauf, writes on the situation facing transgender athletes active in powerlifting. [Content note: This article contains discussions of transphobia and transmisogny.]   Trans athletes continue to endure outrage from certain corners of the internet and media landscape, while some claim that including trans athletes compromises the fairness of competitions, particularly women’s […]

Caster Semenya to be allowed to compete after controversial IAAF ruling suspended

The South African will now be free to compete in races of all distances without medication to limit her testosterone levels. “I will once again be able to run free”.

Andy Brennan, first Australian soccer player comes out as gay

Former Newcastle Jets player Andy Brennan has revealed he is gay, becoming what is thought to be the first Australian professional footballer to come out.

Court Rules Against Caster Semenya, Says She Must Lower Testosterone To Compete

The highest court in sports on Semenya case has ruled that the regulations adopted by track and field’s international governing body regarding women with high levels of testosterone are discriminatory but necessary to ensure fair competition in female athletics.

Role Models Inspire: Shiho Shimoyamada

As numerous outlets have reported, late in March professional footballer and SV Meppen player Shiho Shimoyamada cane out as gay, stating that she wanted to inspire other LGBTQ sportspeople to come out as well. Shimoyamada recorded a video alongside out LGBTQ Japanese sportspeople, detailing the role her sports team played in helping her come into […]

Danish footballer Viktor Fischer slams fans for chanting gay slurs

Danish footballer Viktor Fischer has slammed football fans for chanting homophobic slurs at him—and said calling somebody gay is not an insult

(Italiano) Gay e lesbiche nello sport tra discriminazioni e podio

Una mostra a Torino ripercorre le tappe storiche della discriminazione delle persone lgbt nello sport e dei loro successi

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